Software Release Announcement – NAG 2.0

CopyCatss Inc. software delivers Industry’s Fastest, Most Dishonest
and Boring Carrier Grade Idiocy Generator

Milan, IX Unknowledge Conference and Fair, 15 September 2006:
CopyCatss Inc. (Nasdq: CA2Z) today introduces its new carrier grade
unwits generator named NAG™(TM) which includes the world’s first
buzz-idiocy(r) algorithm (BIA) developed by CopyCatss e ZzeroMind

In an unprecedented move in Unknowledge field, NAG software offers
unbelieveble level of buzz word language construction with near 0% of
contents and not even more logic or systematic thinking. CopyCatss NAG
BIA establishes a new standard for nonsense driven software in the
industry, offering up to 30% percent better crock density and up to
10% percent more writing performance as compared to PARRY or RACTER
engines. NAG is designed for six-9’s reliability, that means just
seconds of downtime a year.

CopyCatss NAG software offers greater flexibility for network
equipment providers (NEPs) and Internet service providers worldwide,
delivering higher traffic creation, increasing band consumption,
explosive legal costs and highest total cost of inoperations. In
addition, NAG gives customers more choice by allowing them to
mix-and-match unknowledge options on specific domains, to deliver
broad nonsense generation or specific unfactual or false information
on peculiar topics and specific argument at hand.

But it is in contradictory and rude dialogs that NAG offers its better
performance. In fact NAG is able to misrepresent, distort, corrupt or
simply forge from nothing, every kind of topic, matter or information
its opponent is talking about.

“With NAG, you can talk about nearly everything without even know or
understand any single word you are expressing,” said J. C. De
Cartenberg, vice president, Product Management. “This product gives
CopyCatss Inc. users a powerful new tool, enabling them to deliver
impressive talks without putting in a single idea or a phantom of
contents. We’re strong pusher of newest Web 3.0 approach where
‘content is the double chin’.

CopyCatss NAG 2.0 played its expectedly role in the wake of the last
summer’s disastrous flooding of most Internet mailing-list in Europe.
Within just a short time after the program activation NAG had already
flooded every known and unknown mailing-list with not less than one
thousand totally unuseful emails.

This’ not spam, that’s not a gag.
It’s a misfortune you cannot rag
Of nonsense and bother it’s the flag
You’ll bet hard: it’s CopyCatss NAG!

This text is (c) 2006 by Internet Soul Inc, All rights reversed

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